Thursday, 9 June 2011

If not now, then never… well I know we still won’t.

Living in Karachi itself is a very big achievement and if you can survive for some years without getting into any trouble then you are a deserving candidate for “Tamgha-e-imtiaz” or you might get “Nishan e Haider” because in wars you are fighting with your enemy and you can easily recognize them but in Karachi which is a state on fire since many years but always out of eye or may be ignored intentionally , you dont know who is your enemy ?

Rangers was deployed in Karachi in 1989 and It has been 20 years since Operation Clean-up in which 30,000 army and paramilitary personnel were deployed to help the Sindh government restore law and order. Army went back but rangers stayed here because they knew that they found a gold mine here and the life on borders is of no use . This April it is been reported that paramilitary forces have made a strong-worded offer to the government: Give us one new helicopter, 800 bulletproof jackets and a free hand in Karachi, and we will eliminate target killing within one month. The news coincided with a decision by the Sindh government to extend the power of the paramilitary Rangers for three more months because of the incessant violence in Karachi.

The sleeping government officials are always giving them extension and even they know that there is no use of Para military force in Karachi but every time decision is taken to take them out the situation in Karachi get worse in no time. This is a big question which every karachite wants to ask but the govt has no answer to it.

A Boy was killed when Rangers shot him in a busy area of Karachi, Boat Basin. On the bases of allegation that he was a decoit and they were informed about it.  The 17 year old sarfaraz shah who was unarmed and was begging for his life but mercy was not given and two bullets were fired which led to his death. Shah was the brother of Salik Shah, a reporter of private tv channel.The family of the deceased along with journalists held a protest at the chief minister’s house in Karachi. The chief minister has taken notice of the incident and case was registered against ranger’s alam zeb and akhter on salik’s behalf.

The official statement by PRO Rangers is that he was a dacoit and was killed in encounter and weapon was found but later on it was found fake and video proved the reality when lately it was on aired but the question is if the 8 rangers cannot handle just a 17 year old boy, how will they handle Karachi? if the boy was really a dacoit then the guy who brought him to rangers would have seen a hard time in resistance or might have got injured and frankly speaking in Karachi this a common thing and one dares to touch the dacoits even though they want to but the risk of loosing life makes them stop then how come the guy in white kameez shalwar did? Who gave them authority to open fire? Well there is no answer but just one I saw written at the back of a rickshaw
“Please don’t horn, this nation is sleeping”; hence on the way to prove the rickshaw quote true.

"Na marnay walay ko maloom kay woh kyun mara aur na marnay walay ko"

P.s. May his soul R.I.P